New permission - Warnings: View own warnings


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Allow members to view their own warnings.

ATM the "allow" setting for view warnings applies globally; if you set it to allow for Registered members then everyone can see each other's warnings. A recipie for disaster.

Allowing members to view their own warnings, but no one else's, would enable people to see when their warnings are expunged (you don't get to use that word every day now do you?).

Shaun :D


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Wow, can't believe that this isn't a thing. Was playing around on a test account just now and realized that members couldn't see their warnings.


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My community seems to need this, and I find a need for this now as well.

Has this been implemented through an addon of some sort?


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I just found this out the hard I have to put down a revolt!

I know there is a option for Starting a Conversation, but I'm sure you (Brogan) will agree that the LAST thing you wanna do is converse with all the knuckleheads!


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Certainly a must a feel. I'm really surprised it's not a basic included feature. How are members to know how many warning points they are currently on and when they expire? All they can do now is contact staff and ask this question, which bogs down staff resources.
Is there any update on if, and when this will be implemented? I dont really want to get an addon, just for this task. (those very small addons add up quite fast :/)


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So was this added to XF2? How are we supposed to do responsible moderation when the users have no idea what their past warnings were or how close they are to being banned?