Lack of interest New permission: Manage comments on own Gallery content

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I think we should have a new permission similar to this one by XenForo: "Manage profile posts on own profile". That permission allows people to delete profile posts *on their own profile only* be it those profile posts posted by theyselves or by other people.

The new proposed permission should be called "Manage comments on own Gallery content" and should allow people to delete comments *from their own albums/media only*. Correct me if I'm wrong but currently there is no way to allow people to delete comments from their own albums/media without allowing them to also delete any comment on any other album/media in the Gallery (basically giving them moderators permissions).

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I'm not sure I'd agree with this suggestion. I can see where you are coming from relating media and albums to a profile in that you're saying that the member 'owns' these. However, media are also similar in a sense to posts and threads and members typically don't have permissions to moderate other people's posts in threads they have started.