Lack of interest new Permalink popup 1.1


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why not just have a simple link named "Share" besides each post, same as we already have the links for "Like" and "Reply" ?

I woud suggest having 2 different pop-ups (split the current pop-up into 2 different pop-ups):
- one for the numbered post #123 permalink.
- one link named "Share" which opens the popup for the "Share Services".

The current pop-up might confuse the average user a bit as he might not understand what a "Permalink" is and the user might also not understand the URL given in the top-box within that popup. The average user might get stucked as he does not understand what to do with that URL in the top-box.

I think the Permalink is merely for more experienced internet-users, whereby "Share" is understandable by the average internet-user.