XF 2.2 New organization name, new domain name but crashed site

Brenda Pruitt

New member
I am a brand new admin with only moderate site management skills and I need help. My organization has changed its name and we purchased a new domain that reflects the new name. But when the new website manager typed the new domain name into the Basic Options page, the site crashed. With assistance, he was able to get the site back up with the old domain, but how can we point the site to the correct domain? And how can I find out what software version we are using? We just installed it a year ago and have run the updates, so does that mean we are on XF 2.2?


XenForo moderator
Staff member
After purchasing the new domain did you configure the name servers?

Did the domain resolve when typing it into a browser?

Your host or registrar can assist with that if you aren't sure how to configure a new domain.

Once the domain is working, you can then use it for XF.

The version is listed at the bottom right of the ACP.