XF 2.2 Staging Site With a Different Domain Name


I just bought a Xenforo license, and man, it feels great!

Now I have a staging site related query. I am on Cloudways. The domain I used for license registration already has a live WordPress site.

So, I'm developing my new XF forum on a Cloudways app with a similar URL: phpstack-xxxxxx-xxxxxxx.cloudwaysapps.com

Once the site is finished, I will move the domain from my WordPress app to the XF app.

Now the domain I used for XF license registration is, let's say example.com

Here we have different domain names for the XF license and XF staging site.

If I add a custom subdomain to the staging site like dev.example.com, will that work?

What's the best approach in this case?
Yes, it will work.

Depending on the URL used for the staging/test site, there may be a message in the ACP about the license/URL, but it can be ignored.

This is the text from the license agreement:
You may create additional test installations for the purpose of testing the Software. Any test installation of this kind must be password protected, installed at a URL that makes the testing purpose clear, not used for production purposes and access to it must be limited to You and Your website staff.
Thank you. But I am getting this warning:

The following issues should be resolved. Once they have been resolved, check for upgrades again to confirm.
  • The Board URL option does not match the site URL configured for your license.
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