Not a bug Connected Plugin to Staging Site, API will Not Connect User Permissions

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I saw a user with the same issue on a different thread, but the solution didn't work for us. I've tried turning all of our plugins off and just getting the API to connect. I'm not receiving any error messages either, just not getting the API User permissions hooked up.

I am using the Super User ID 1 from my admin on our Xenforo build which is an a different domain than our website. I have the correct API key and Xenforo key. I am also running it on a staging site as a subdomain, and have that domain plugged into the XFtoWP site for activation.

It seems like I've followed every step correctly, have the green check mark up on the Site Settings, but can't get those other connections to come through. Cna you give me any ideas? :)

Thank you! Looking forward to getting this into action.


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Hey @donniewalden, I can better help you with the plugin if you post in the XFtoWP thread here or over at the official support forums (see links on resources page). This forum is for XenForo bug reports, not support for addons.
Hey @Mangini I posted it here:

Is that right?
I'm handling this for a client and so I don't have the XFtoWP license on this user account, so I can't post anywhere else on this site.

Let me know how I should proceed :)
You are not showing as licensed.

Ask your client to add your forum user name to their account so you can post in the customer forums here.
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