XF 1.4 Change to New Domain Name Same Server.


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I have a domain 123.com and want to move the domain to xyz.com I have read the release notes on some of this but they are semi-vague. So I have a few questions.

1. When I copy the DB and move it to the new domain do I need the DB password at some point ?
2. When it says copy the directory does that mean the Public.html ? Or the Root and everything.
3. It says to update the board info in ACP how does one login to change it on the new board since the path is not updated until I do it that part really I didnt get?
4. Logo, graphics etc that point to the old domain will need to be moved and updated ? I am unclear how
all the settings in XF will adjust to the new XYZ.com being now they say 123.com

I will start with these these questions. I am not looking to change content or name and will still own the
123.com but its a .ORG and I want to switch to my better .com

I am sure people move all the time I just do not want to lose data or mess it up :)


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Hi there as I noted, and thank you. But that doesnt help me much its very vague for my understanding of it.
And doesn't really address my questions it does slightly but not enough I have read these notes previously and they do not explain
what XF does or needs in the process in referring to my question. And is why I am stuck and asked the details as noted.
It makes sense to me to a point but the notes stop short of explaining other areas as I noted. At least to me it seems that way.


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It's not a ticket related issue and really the FAQ already covers it.

As far as XF is concerned, all you need to do is move the files and database and update the URL in the ACP.

Anything you need to do with regards to configuring the domain or server is something your host can help you with.
Most hosts will actually do moves for you.