New node but not able to post thread... also no PM?


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I'm a newbie to this so I apologize in advance... is the forum.

I created a new node at the top called "General News and Press Releases". There is no ability for me to post a new thread under this category/node. Where is the button on the right side?

Also, where is the PM function? How can members send a message to each other without the stupid "profile post" function which is confusing?

Please associate your forum user name with your license and I will then reopen the thread and move it to the correct customer support forum.
I suspect you have a permissions issue for the posting problem.
You can use the Analyze Permissions function for the user/node in question to determine how the final value is being set.

These guides should help:

PMs are called Conversations in XF.
The link to your Inbox is at the top right, between your user name and Alerts.
If you don't have permission, check the user group Conversation Permissions.
I havent tinkered with anything since starting the forum, and based on the "analyze permissions" i should be able to post a new thread (i've never changed any of the defaults and they say "YES" anyway). Not sure what has changed in the last couple months since my last creation of nodes and threads, but the changes have not been on my end. What else can be done?
Can you post an image of the detailed output for the permissions analyzer for that user/forum?

Is this checked in the forum options?
You were already on the correct page - the analyse permissions function.

You need to expand it for the post new thread permission for the user/node.


Looking at your screenshot again, are you analyzing the permissions for a category?

It's not possible to post threads in a category.
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