XF 1.3 Post in one node first to be able to post in all


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I need to set a rule in forum to let users post in any node, just after they introduce themselves in one node.

So I have "Introduce Yourself" node. All new users have to create a thread there before being able to open threads in any other node.

How can I do this ? So no matter what the user tries to do, they will get a message that will say "First Introduce Yourself" linking to the Introductions node.



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This can be done with permissions and a user group promotion plus a notice.

  1. Set the Registered group (which should be the primary group for everyone) such that in the group permissions they cannot post new threads or reply to threads - set these to Not Set (No)
  2. In the Introduce Yourself forum node permissions, for the Registered group set the Post New Thread permission to Allow for Registered.
  3. Create a new group with all of the regular posting permissions you would give to members. As this will be a secondary user group, no need to replicate any permissions given to Registered, you only need new permissions such as thread creation, replying to posts etc
  4. Create a user group promotion such that after 1 post a user will be promoted to the new user group.
  5. Create a Notice about posting an introduction. Set the criteria for this to display to users in the Registered group but not in the new group.
Do note that the user group promotion cron runs every 20 mins by default so they may have to wait that long before they can make any replies or new threads. This probably won't be a problem though if it is you could edit the cron to run more frequently.