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"New" searches on XF are very powerful, both useful and fun. But there are 3 aspects which detract from their true power.

1. "New" searches are scattered, and I have to know where they are, and/ or understand forum logic to find them.
2. If I'm not in the Forums pathway I have to go to Forums tab to access it eg I'm in a Conversations, Profile, Account page.
3. "New Posts" is treated as a secondary activity because it's on a secondary navbar. To a amass of users it's their main way of using the forum (seen this said a lot of times). Many never do anything else, just log in and click this.

With hte new feature of tabs on the "New Posts page, we really have a whole new, very powerful forum section.
It makes sense to offer this as a navbar tab in its own right.
With all the main searches on secondary tabs below.

I put this in bigger suggestions because some think this is a radical idea because it changes the idea of tabs' categories. Moderators please move to Smaller Suggestions if preferred.

Yes yes, can do this on my own boards with dear old Nodes as Tabs. But what about HERE? and what about making it easier and better structure for new admins?

It's been suggested before but some designers don't like the logic of a separate tab for these searches. It may not make sense in terms of coding? classic forum architecture? but it DOES make sense in terms of common usage.

Primary tab: NEW! - (defaults to New Posts)
Secondary tab: All Recent -- Watched Forums --- Watched Threads --- New Threads -- New Posts
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