New License



I'm not sure if this Pre-Sales forum is where I should be asking about this.

We have very recently purchased the XenForo license. We haven't downloaded the software or anything yet.

The account is in my name. Is there any way my teammate can set up his own account using his own username and password?

Or how is the usually handled when more than one person wants access to everything?

Many thanks


He makes his own account and then you can add his account's username under your purchase's associated forum users at

Wait - I'm not sure we're talking about the same thing. Are you saying he needs to make his own account for using these support forums or are you saying he can make his own account for downloading the software, etc. I need to know how he can have an account for downloading the software or if he needs to use my user name and password? Thank you.


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He cannot download the software. Only you can and it's not encouraged to share passwords.

Linking his forum account to yours gives him access to forums and addons not support tickets or software downloads.

Consider downloading it yourself instead.