New IPB (3.2)


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Have you checked out the new version of IPB? (they have it live on the their support forum right now)

I think it looks great!
However there is a lot of similarities to this software. What do you think?


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I think its a big step forward, and it shows how XenForo is improving IPB as well. IPS has clearly been looking at the things that XenForo does well. Its good that the bar is raised.

Anthony Parsons

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I think IPB and VB have good reason to be scared, considering the flocking attention xenforo has gotten in such a very short period being live. I expect to see IPB and VB change to be more like xenforo as fast as possible, to keep hold of their customer base... but the problem with anything old, is that they simply won't have the underlying framework to compete that xenforo has, being so new.

The one discussion about the xenforo addon to run the addon section here already has so many possible uses, none of which is really in the marketplace by either VB or IPB, even though IPB have download addon, its not like what is coming here, which goes those few extra steps of being completely self supportive by each dev.

I can see the more importers done by XF and incorporated, the more will be converting over. Even Paul's VB4 converter... it brings over CMS, Blogs, Albums, everything, so you can hold the data in hidden forums until products are available... Xenforo would make me nervous being a competitor.


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I think mentions of IPB pale into comparison with vB here.

And I don't see anything wrong with informed, constructive discussions about other forum software. They can be quite interesting.

The reverse is true too, as XF gets mentioned at IPS.

Good for both camps methinks!!! :D

John L.

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Love competition and the way it drives innovation. If XenForo can help IPB and vB become better products that in turn will only help XenForo become a better product. And who wins from all of this...the consumer.

1.1 looks like what I have been waiting for and even though XenForo right now works very well as a forum product. It feels a little empty without some of the features proposed for 1.1. Once that's released (and that wonderful Resources Manager), I can only imagine the jolt XenForo and this community will be given.


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I personally think IPB and XF are the top commercial forum softwares out there.

If I were to choose between XF and IPB? I would choose XF.

Anthony Parsons

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I give it 2 - 3 years of build and mod development time, and I would agree that XF and IPS would be the only two real commercial choices... but XF doesn't have the numbers just yet... growing, yes... there yet... no. I am certainly going to be giving XF a good boost along though.

I'm hoping to get Xenforo onto Flashcoms list in the coming month, as I want them to integrate their software into XF.... which I had previously integrated into VB... another thing on the list to get around to.


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I think they've changed for the better. Everything seems a lot faster, and less...cluttered, and less bulky. :D

I might consider using them in the future if SEO from them is on par with xenforo's.


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Im loving what they have done with IPB 3.2, Im considering to buy a license for it soon once mods and styles soon start to pour in.


Mmhhh. I really like the new style. What I would like to see in future xenForo releases is this:


A simple thread-icon on the left and the authors avatar on the right. This looks much more clearly in my opinion.


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That would be confusing because the author wouldn't be the same person as who recently replied to the thread. The relationship between avatar and username is solid anywhere else when they appear adjacent to each other like that.