New Forum Promotion

Hi, what is everyone doing to promote their forum ? Has anyone tried stumbleupon or reddit paid advertising ? My site is new and is internet marketing related although I'm thinking about only focusing on website traffic. Thanks.


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I'm not a fan of paid advertising to promote a forum or blog TBH I have tried it before and failed.

I seem to be getting more traffic for my forum (relatively new) via free social media and built in XF seo.

If you have a blog or article front page cross promotion can help also. Don't forget the inbuilt social media features like fb or tweet a post or thread.

A business page on fb is not too bad either but they do tend to restrict traffic flow to your "like" fans (on the sly) in the hope you pay for promotion.

I prefer to spend money on improving my site or other incentives like competitions/prizes instead of advertising. Naturally, many will disagree but that's my opinion.