New forum setup - recommended options and steps?


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I'm playing around with a fresh install of XF on a new site I'm developing and it's been a LONG time since I started an XF forum (or any forum that is) from scratch. (My main forum is 20+ years old)

What are some recommended first setup steps in terms of options, trophy setup, user title ladder, nodes, etc?

Currently I have 4 nodes which is I think what I'll start with.
  • Announcements
  • Support
  • Introductions
  • Club Discussions
I've gone through each option setting and I think I've got everything but I'm worried I missed something.

What does everyone recommend doing upon initial setup? Maybe I'll look into customizing reactions next.

Site is private currently and it'll be a while before I launch. It's just been a LONG time since I started fresh. Pretty fun actually. :)

I'm going to hold off on styles and addons for now. I'll keep it simple in that regard.
Keep it as simple as possible and avoid third party addons. If the developer decide to leave, it will be frustrating.

Depending on your niche, personally I prefer to have a Home Page which will show to the guests what's my forum about.
I use Bob's Article Management System as a home page. And using one of Pixel exit styles is a good start :) You get lots of extra facilities and a clean look.

Whether you use a style or not, with my second forum I spent quite a bit of time playing around with colour schemes. A ridiculous amount of time on the logo and header.
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