New first post changing thread owner.

Hi, I'm an administrator on a forum and I've been running into this bug way too often recently. So some of my threads and other users threads have been merged in some odd way, no one had actually merged the thread but instead it just sort of happened out of nowhere. The picture below is a picture of my art thread you can see the first post is something completely unrelated and it is no longer my thread. I can't delete this post as it would delete my entire thread. I hope there is some way to fix this because it has been happening all over the forum.


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Can you confirm if there are any entries in the Moderator Log ( /admin.php?logs/moderator ) that relate to threads being modified/merged ?
There is nothing in the moderator logs about any threads being merged. It is also odd because its not an entire thread being merged but single posts taken from multiple threads.


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What about if you check Thread Tools > Moderator Actions (in your screenshot) - any clues there?

Otherwise it's looking like a potential add-on issue.
Looked through and there have been no moderator actions taken, also looked through our addons there is nothing that would conflict with threads and cause them to merge.


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There is nothing in the core software which would cause that.

Other than a moderator or an add-on, the only other thing I could think of is the DB being shared by multiple installations, although that would only happen if two installs were explicitly set up to do so (and should never be done for obvious reasons).

You can resolve the issue by splitting the first post off to a new thread/another thread - that will restore the original thread and first post.

You will need to investigate what caused it though.