XF 2.2 Adding thread title over first post in thread


Newbie here with a question I am hoping isn't too difficult. I am not super technical, but can fumble my way through some things, but not a "coder" so bear with me. I am using the UI.X template if it makes a difference for this, but I don't think it does.

I did not want/need to show the title of every forum page as it took up too much space. As we are a simple forum, I also didn't need the New thread/New post buttons on the right side of title bar, so commented out the title bar section in the PAGE CONTAINER template which did what I wanted it to do. I tried using extra.less to remove it as well, but that didn't want to work, I am assuming due to using the UI.X templates. Just wanted to mention that in case it would be recommended.

Now the issue is I have no title on my thread views. This makes sense since I removed it, but I am hoping that I can add just the title back in where I want it by updating the THREAD_VIEW template using the thead_title component? (I am sure that is the wrong name for it). As far as I can tell, it would go within the block_outer section based on where I want it. So, not being too code savvy, is there a simple snippet that I can add to this template to place the thread title in the location below?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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