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Evening guys, just wanted to post and say how impressed I am with everything I'm seeing here. So much in fact, that I've decided to move my IP.Board powered forum across. Yup, licence bought, so over the next week or so, I'm going to be starting the conversion :)

Been looking at the new features you are working on for 1.2 and that's what has made me commit and make the jump.

So, I look forward in taking my forum forward with you by my side :D



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Paul croeso and welcome.
XF is real fun and professional sleek with it. Look forward to working with you.

Have a look in Resources under my name for a nice starter tutorial when setting up a new XF - which addons are generally must haves. It's usually linked in my signature.
(Please ignore my current signature it's a temp thing to try to persuade those last few details to get into 1.2 - one of the great pluses here is the devs do listen.)


Hi Morgain, thanks for making me aware of the "must haves". Gives me a chance to look at some on my development site :)