Not a bug New alert triggered when moving post to new thread?


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I moved a post to a new thread and a short while later got an alert that the OP had replied to post (new thread name I'd created).

I realise it's technically a new thread, but it is the result of a moderator action rather than the OP starting a new thread themselves so should it warrant an alert?

Is this intended? (or perhaps unavoidable?)

Shaun :D


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Err, not sure I understand this. If you got a reply alert, it's because there's a new reply in that thread -- the mod action doesn't create any alerts. Alternatively, you could've had the alert before the post was moved to a new thread.


Formerly CyclingTribe
Yup, that was it. Alert already existed, and - being the good alert that it was - followed the post even though I'd moved it to another new thread.

Apologies for the false alarm. :whistle:


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I'm still a little confused.
How did the alert have the new thread name if it arrived before the split?


Formerly CyclingTribe
I've moved it a couple of times now and the alert seems to "get" the thread name change and use the latest thread name.

I'm assuming the ajax re-gets the alert data before displaying it?

I moved it to "What's my IP?" and that's the thread name that appeared in the alert. I moved it again to "What's my IP address?" and when I next hover over alerts it changes the alert text and now uses the new thread title.