Other Need Top Notch Talent to help with VB to Xenforo Migration


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I am looking for a very accomplished Xenforo expert to help me with the migration of a large forum (millions of posts and hundreds of thousands of users) from VB to Xenforo. The number of VB modifications is minimal and these modifications are already available on Xenforo, however some expertise is going to be needed to import the data that correlates with these modifications. They include modifications based around:

- Wordpress Bridge
- Custom Thread fields
- Custom Profile fields
- Paid Subscriptions

I'm willing to pay well, but I really need someone that knows their stuff - backwards and forwards. Please respond with references and examples of your work.

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If you want my help, drop me a message. My biggest import was my own forum, about 5m posts converted from vBulletin. I can also do the custom imports for your addons. Let me know if you need my help.


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When I saw Chris Deeming viewing the thread I was about to hop in here and say "Noooooo don't dooo ittttt"

Still heavily anticipating XMG 1.3 :whistle:


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I'm "Top Talent"
I'm "Notch Talent"

Just not got them together for whatever reason.

Anywho, like the above have stated, Jake seems to have a great grasp on this. I know he helped me out once with an import, not nearly as big or complicated as yours I am sure, and he was a pro at doing it. Nothing but good things to say about his help.