Need help with a page/or two


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I inherited a document originally written in asp. I do not have the original just the source code. The owner doesn't know how to give me the database and just gave me html of the pages of the document. The data belong to all of us as we just kept it on her site for convenience and comparison sake.

The "we" are the members of the Duodenal Switch community and the form is called the Lab Rat Data. We each have a profile that we own. What I want/need to do is recreate it in php if possible and get it set up. Even if I can't get the data for each person, I can post a copy of what they had filled out to rebuild it.

But I need to code the pages. Right now it's on my site as html. I have the three pages linked but not working. I know I am missing at least two other pages.

What I have is the main page, the contact us page, and the add a new profile page. However, on the add a new profile, it doesn't reconnect back to the main page. I'm missing the add profile file and the view profile file. I can recreate the profiles with the exception of passwords. The contact us page is there and linked to the main page but don't think it works.

As I said, I have the html, but want to wrap it in php and not sure how to do that. I also want the columns sortable (ascending and descending).

If anyone can help me figure this out, I would appreciate it. My php skills are limited to editing not coding.

You can see the html version here: DS Lab Rat Data