XF 2.2 Need help with an inherited xenforo


Hi all
I've taken over a xenforo site after the previous admin sadly passed away and need some help getting into it.
I have DB and file access and a forum user account.

When I go to the admin.php page it asks for me to login but no idea what account to use, is there a DB script I can run to create an admin account or someway to promote my std forum account to admin?

How can I find the version that I've got?
Check the xf_admin table in the database to see which user IDs are set as admins.
The is_super_admin column in that table also denotes which accounts are super admins

You can either update the email address of one of the super admin accounts (in the xf_user table) and do a password reset, or add a new user ID to the table.

The site is running the latest version - 2.2.15.
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