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Add-on NCAA Tournament Pick 'Em Tracker

Discussion in 'Resource and Add-on Requests' started by Bill Lehecka, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. Bill Lehecka

    Bill Lehecka Member

    Probably far afield, but I would like to integrate a Tournament bracket system that keeps track of a member's NCAA bracket picks (probably too late for this year's tourney, but what are you going to do?). I would like to have a leaderboard showing correct/incorrect picks with methods of scoring set up by an administrator.

    I was doing some research, and it seems there's some tournament add-ons, but just for single tournaments. I'd love to integrate a way for my members to pick a single bracket (as set up by an admin) and compete with each other. I could go off-site and integrate, but I'd like the selections to stay on my server.

    I built software for this many moons ago and integrated it with my old message board, but I feel there has to be something better out there.

    Any advice? Or is anyone willing to take up the challenge? Or am I missing that it already exists?
  2. mcatze

    mcatze Well-Known Member

  3. Bill Lehecka

    Bill Lehecka Member

    No, that's not it. Although I may consider that add on for the NFL season, as we love to do pick 'ems on my forum... :)

    I'd like to set up a page where I create a singular tournament bracket (64 team style, although building a tournament with 68 teams might be the way to go nowadays.. THANKS NCAA!), and my users enter their predictions on how it plays out. As the tournament progresses, their picks are scored based on how accurate their bracket is with the official bracket.

    So for instance: all correct 1st round picks are a point. Second round picks are 2 points. Sweet sixteen picks are 4, etc. etc etc.
  4. Brent W

    Brent W Well-Known Member

    Best of luck. It's hard to drum up support for the time and money to create something like that when you can just create a free one on Yahoo or ESPN and allow people to join. It's something I considered as well.
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  5. Bill Lehecka

    Bill Lehecka Member

    I know... I figured I'd ask. I'd rather not step outside the ecosystem of my site and take full control of it.

    Although the last time I ran an NCAA bracket it ran afoul of a certain NFL owner's radio station management and I was almost sued, so perhaps I'm just asking for trouble...
  6. Bob

    Bob Well-Known Member

    I've thought about doing this over the past decade and every time I have 5 minutes to think about it, I just say to myself that it is not worth the headache of coding something for a once a year use when there are completely awesome systems in place on Yahoo and ESPN for this.
  7. Bill Lehecka

    Bill Lehecka Member

    Yeah, yeah, yeah... But I like control. ESPN/Yahoo take that control away from the site.

    I could see it being used for other things, as necessary. Some people like picking tourneys. Not many, mind you.

    I should just suck it up and build something. I just always think about it too late.

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