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Hi there,

I am just wondering how to get the default navigation (on the default skin) to go right up to the top of the page, and stretch 100%. I would like the forums to remain as they are (width), but I would like the navigation to move to the top of the page.


Jake Bunce

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Set the header to 0 height:

Admin CP -> Appearance -> Style Properties -> Header and Navigation -> Height of Header Logo

Then edit this template:

Admin CP -> Appearance -> Templates -> EXTRA.css

Add this code to change the width of the nav area:

#header .pageWidth
	margin: auto;
	width: 1200px;


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Thanks for that :D I have another question though. How do I center the content in the navigation? It is all on the far left and far right, and I would like to make it in line with the rest of the forums.

Thanks :)


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Nah dude, it was all in line before. Pretty much exactly how it is on this site, but now since I moved the navbar it is displaying everything on the far left and far right. I can PM you if you like?


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Okay I fixed it. I deleted the code in extra.css and applied a background images that blended in with the navigation. Now it gives the illusion it makes it's way across the whole page.

Thanks heaps for your help dude! You're the man!