XF 1.5 My Xenforor Hacked


Hy Guys,

This is an emergency , someone ( I know who someone) hacked my Xenforo and has deleted my admin accounts from admin panel , the front page does not load try http://www.animebanter.com and when I go to Admin Panel it loads but my account is deleted

further CPanel gives this error

Internal Server Error

exit level [die] [pid=919] (Attempting to drop privileges to root.)

So what are my options here ?
and how did this happen?
If cPanel is failing as well, this seems like a compromise past XenForo. You are likely going to need to restore to a backup and potentially even build the server from fresh (with all different passwords, etc). This is something where you're likely going to need the help of a sysadmin/your host.
I'd really have to recommend rolling back to an existing backup. You should change all the passwords related to your site and enforce two-step verification for your staff or accessing the control panel at a minimum. You should audit who has access to your server or control panel and ensure only people you completely trust have elevated access.
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