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My XenForo Theme

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UPDATE: This is now a fully working XenForo theme, available for download here:

Below is the original mock-up and post, if you are interested. :)

Ok, so I saw a couple themes posted here, so I thought I would take a shot at developing my own. As XenForo is not yet released, this is obviously just a mockup, but I fully intend on developing it into a fully working theme with several interesting if not unique special features. :) Working title is "Flexile." :) Keep in mind this is the very first draft of the theme and there are probably lots of things in the mockup that can be changed or improved (I would love to hear your ideas!). :)

I have not developed a theme for anything before in my life, so any sort of feedback, specific, general, negative, positive, etc. is greatly appreciated. I'm not sure whether I'm going to release it for free or try to sell it. I'm planning for it to be a very flexible theme (hence the name), very customizable, and able to be used in many situations, so it should hopefully contain significant value. If I do choose to sell it (again, not decided yet), I don't want to underprice it.

What do you think of the quality and design of the theme? Assuming that the rest of the theme exhibits the same or better quality as you see in the mockup, what would you pay for such a theme, with and without the theme branding? :)

Thank's for all your feedback. :)


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I've been thinking about how I am going to port my current layout over to Xenforo and your design has tons of elements that I think would work well. Will be keeping an eye on this, splendid job.


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Very NICE, altho the black footer is rather over-powering. I like the black footer, don't get me wrong, as it sort of frames the forum between the footer and the black strip at the top.

IMO, while I realize that this is a fixed width, it is too narrow.
If the numbers in the talk bubbles are the number of replies in that forum, I would recommend reducing the size of the numbers, as the current size could cause a problem when it gets into the triple digits. Plus, a smaller size is just more pleasing to the eyes.

As far as selling it, not too many people, if any, will purchase from an unknown designer. I started by offering free designs, and eventually went to a few paid, and got ALOT of custom work. That would be the better route for new designers, imo.


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The blue bubbles to the left of each category - what are those numbers, and what happens when they become 3/4/5-figure numbers?


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The colors and layout are really nice. I like the dark 1 row background color at the very top. I think the large dark area at the bottom should be lighter, and the row with the copyright should be 1 row high and with the same dark background as the very top of the page. :)


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My gosh that is one good looking theme, better then the defualt and sleek as well. Can't wait to see it live, Xenforo should hold a theme contest like ipb had a skin contest lolz.


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What is your standard text font? It's very smooth.

Love the Have You Met on the bottom-right, very nice.

I must also wonder what the graph-like icon is near Members Online Now... is that a graph of your peaks or is it just a random image you think would look good there :p
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