My question to Xenoforo Developpers


I want ask all developers here

What do you think about learning php and code in the past ? and are you still love to code a software like xenforo ? or this is just a business you want to earn money from it ?

And what do you think about developing or ( coding a script from zero or developing a plugins for a popular community like xenforo ) what is the best ?

This is my questions because i want to learn php and i want some answers that could help me


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I'm currently learning PHP and coding xenforo add-ons, php is fun to learn with mysql, jQuery and CSS, I totally love it!


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I began learning PHP because I got fed up finding developers. All the good ones are taken :censored:. I totally hated programming and kept postponing it for years. But last year I made a commitment to myself that I will learn to code - with an aim to develop the addons we need for our website.

I learned from ground up; starting with basic PHP tutorials and then XF specific tutorials as well. The journey so far has been painful; but I'm not giving up. I just wish there was some documentation available that would help newbie coders like me. I can't thank enough to nice++ guys like @Mr. Goodie2Shoes for helping me out with my doubts.

You can check the XenForo Developer Questions forum for the kind of questions I've been asking. I'm following this pattern:

Start coding -> Get Stuck -> Do Research -> Brain Explodes -> Ask Questions -> Get Answer -> Start over.


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Start coding -> Get Stuck -> Do Research -> Brain Explodes -> Ask Questions -> Get Answer -> Start over.
Same way here. :D

Beside XenForo and PHP is not the hardest thing to learn, you might want to look to C++ and get more frustrated. :ROFLMAO:

But yeah your way of learning is good, in addition you should download add-on samples and look into the code, find the simplest add-ons that do basic things and learn from it's code, at least that's how I learned C# and all other languages, it will help to increase your progress 200%.

Good luck!