My New Addiction


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Well, some of us don't like the way our own forums work right now. Especially after seeing this. The ease of use is far more valuable than what I am running on even in Alpha


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Same here, im addicted to an alpha release. I haven't posted this much in 3 days, not even on my own forum.
Same here too. I have neglected my FB activities and blog. Neither is crucial, altho I'm planning to make a blog post about xenForo soon and place the logo on my blog.
I haven't been here ALL the time tho, as I've worked the past 2 nights and napped during the day. Work again tonight. But I'm digging in here tomorrow!


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I think the secret is seeing your avatar at the bottom of the page next to an empty text box, it's like you're SUPPOSED to post. :D


I do my best to keep away ... but here I am again! I love this software so the sooner it's on my forums the better so I can spend more time with them!!!!!


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I think I'm addicted to this place as well, I've never postsed on another forunm that isn'y my own so much


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I have never, ever joined a community and have almost 300 posts in my first three days. I've read pretty much ever thread, liked a lot of posts, replied to quite a number, reported some bugs, and finally tossed up suggestions.

Really, this place is addicting and this is before I even get the software in my hands. :confused:


Thank-you Mike and Kier for my new addiction to XenForo. I can not seem to stay away for longer than to make a cup of coffee.
Tell me about it! I barely get to talk to you anymore nix, it's all XF xf xF
The Mike & Kier groupie tshirt isn't helping :rolleyes: