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I was in a conversation, as thats what the forums are for on a post, discussing about the xenforo 2.0 status.

We are all different and everyone has his opinion, i dont want, nor i care to change somebody's opinion, i just post mine...but that was deleted, mine and many others with the excuse that this is off topic.

So i make this new post, just to state my own personal opinion, as a comment was:

The customer is not an expert, i agree, i don't know how to write a forum software, i don't care to learn, this is why i purchased one

But, the customer is the one who pays...every's company goal is to sell more, expand and get bigger, even maintain their customers, saying "no" "arguing" and other bad behaviours are not pleasing the customer.

I understand that all customers can't be happy, true, but the one who pleases the more, he will of course have a better future compared to somebody that's not good with his customers...

There are how many xenforo license owners? 500.000? everyone has it's own opinion, the more people XF Devs please the better the company will become, it's simple, if mods are "rude" (im not implying anything) and there is no hearing from the company then yes many will whine and be unsatisfied and the more this happens the more customers the company will loose...

So yes even if customers are not TECHNICALLY always right it's company's job to keep them feeling that they are right if they want their money
Just to be clear yesterday we made some changes which meant that the important information about XF 2.0 was split into its own thread to make it easier to find.

We also posted some new information which was quite significant as it was brand new information that cleared up some common questions we were being asked.

This was all done based on feedback from customers and also because we felt that everyone deserved a bit more info.

This all happened after the conversation about customer service etc. had dissipated. With that in mind, the conversation had moved on and it didn't seem appropriate for that to continue in that thread. But it's also true that the feedback was taken on board making this particular discussion somewhat of a moot point, but certainly if the conversation is to continue, this thread is better as a separate discussion rather than being in the XF2 thread - customer service and the information/news we publish is more of a general thing that could apply to any of our products; not just XF2.
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