Add-on Must I ask? Arcade


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... or someone else create something great :)
If I knew how to retreive the scores from the flash games, I certainly would do this myself..



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Kevin said he will get it released as soon as possible. I'm anxious to see his arcade working on XenForo.

Cory Booth

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If there is a arcade coming (I had no idea - but I have tons of games)....
Need a IPBArcade to XenArcade importer - I really hate translating all those games....
If not...
Here is a script that actually works quit well and I even (using cookies) had it talking to an ASP website...


Good luck!


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Yeah I've been using ibProArcade because I like the look, feel, and features. Let me know how I can port to XenArcade when it comes out. ;)


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Seconded. iBProArcade would be excellent, but alternatively, a converter to XenArcade would work for me as well.


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First thing I was asked after migrating. Where's the arcade?

Second question. Is it coming back?

Third question. When?

I would by far prefer a V3 Arcade add-on than IBProArcade. I think V3 would fit into the XF stylings very well whereas IBProArcade looks very dated in layout.


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This might actually be quiet useful for my Xbox forum. Let us know when you get something up and we will help you test it out! :)


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Guys/gals, we are indeed working on getting v3A over to XF. No time available yet. :( Once you start playing with the XF code you'll see that it is a tad different from vB ;) so we all have to get up to speed with XF yet.
Fantastic! Don't take too long though ;) :D


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Fantastic! Don't take too long though ;) :D
If push comes to shove, and it looks like it will take longer than we really want to with getting a conversion done, I might end up farming the conversion job out.

(Any of you coders out there comfortable enough yet with XF to take on a paid gig to convert fairly complex vB4 project over to XF? :D)


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Extremely pleased to see Kevin over here :D His addon was one of the reasons I stayed on vB for as long as I did.

Hopefully XenArcade can include support for MochiAds games


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We used to run the IB Pro Arcade and since we got rid of it it's probably one of our most requested features to bring back. It'd be really nice if XenArcade was created (and could be tied to the trophy system?).