Multiple Question/Answer option?


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Is there a way to have the user answer multiple Q/A when signing up? Currently, the applicant can only see one at a time. I would like them to answer 3 or 4.

Jake Bunce

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There is no such option. But if one Q&A isn't effective then you probably need to come up with better questions. To quote a recent post of mine:

They are able to solve or guess many Q&A questions. Definitely some calculations like (2+2=4) but even questions like "Is fire hot or cold?"
I suspect you can improve your odds with better Q&A. What about using a question that doesn't contain the answer (hot/cold)? For example, "how many fingers are on a human hand?" And questions that don't have numeric answers are probably stronger. Numeric answers are so common with Q&A that I would expect bots to arbitrarily try a range of low numbers. A good one might be, "what is the last word in the domain name of this site?" Something like that would be stronger.