RM 1.2 Moving the New Resources Side Block


I know there is a way of doing it, I just don't know how. But here it goes. How do you move the new resources block up so it's near the top of the forum on the side? Would I have to find the template code, and then copy and paste to the forum list template? If so, which template is it I need to copy and paste? If that's the way to do it? o_O

Chris D

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It's not easily possible.

You would need to enable debug mode and then edit the Template Modification (Admin CP > Appearance > Template Modifications > XenForo Resource Manager > forum_list).

From there you would change the "Find" code so that it inserts the code at a different point.


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You could also disable the template modification (which doesn't require debug mode) and then edit the forum_list template manually to include the template where you want.