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Browser issue Moving Reported Thread in Chrome


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Here is a strange one. I've tested this over and over with the same exact results.

XF: 1.5.7 (tested with default style and add-ons disabled)
Chrome: Version 50.0.2661.94 m


There was a reported thread. (was posted in wrong section)
Clicked on Reports
Clicked on Go To Content
Clicked on Thread Tools - Move Thread

Nothing happens. I saw the working animation in the top right for a second.
Clicking on Delete Thread and Edit Thread also does nothing.
Add a poll a works though.
Even if I just go directly to that reported thread, I still have the same issue.

I can move any unreported thread by just going to it with no problem in Chrome.
No issues in FireFox.
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This would be down to your ad blocker blocking the requests then. It's picking up the word advertising in the URL (and the referrer header).


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I know it's on by default for all sites, but at a minimum people should whitelist their own sites, unless of course they can't stand the ad's on their own forums. :p
Well what I'm saying is regardless if their site had ads or not they may have not thought to turn it off. TBG only runs ads for nonmembers and I never turn the ad blocker off until I notice something broken. Then I remember oh duh