Moving large attachments from vBulletin

Well I'm playing on a test site with my Big board. It has about 20gb of attachments, and I wanted to move them over so I could import them into xF for a true test site.

Any suggestions for moving them over? I'm guessing a wget command could help move them...but I was going to see what everyone else was doing.

Paul M

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The importer has to have access to them in the first place. :)

I assume from this that his test site is on another server, so he needs to copy them over for the importer to get that access.


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Well, if you're expecting to do multiple test imports, setting up via rsync might be the best option. You could still move them over with a cp--or tar/gz/cp, though who knows how much transfer time you'd save with that (consider the time/space/CPU to compress as well).


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moving that size of file is not somthing you should worry about, the big challenge is if XF importer can handle that size of attachments or not. i have 7 gigs attachments and am just waiting for xf beta 3 release so i can start importing my vbulletin forums.


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Well from what I have seen of the importer I don't see why it wouldn't be able to handle a huge amount of files. It would just take a while. It doesn't attempt to move them all at once.

Paul M

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Turn on debug mode and then you should get the full error.

I dont really understand why it says try again later - ive never known an error fix itself yet :)
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