XF 1.5 Imported attachments from vBulletin, installed Media Gallery... so where are the attachments?


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Hi, this seems like a dumb question, but we just switched over from vB4.x to XF and I purchased the Media Gallery to go with the forums. We've imported the attachments from our vB installation, and all the attachments show up in the attachments browser in the admin area... but I don't see a way for users to access them from the front end when the Medial Gallery is functional.

Is there a reason why attachments are not accessible through the Media Gallery? Have I misconfigured something? How do users access / manage their uploaded attachments from prior to our changeover?


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Attachments in posts in VB will be in posts in XF - they won't be imported to the gallery.

Did you have a gallery in VB and did you run the gallery importer?


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We had the stock vb installation with attachments going to the filesystem, not the database. We had no gallery installed. Is there no way to move attachments from being attachments to the media gallery itself? I'm surprised that this is not standard considering how essential this product is.