XF 1.2 Where Are the Original Attachments Located & Does CDN Cache Attachments?


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Hi guys,

Thanks for reading my thread. :)

I am using MetaMirror to fetch external images to local. I am using CDN for my forum (I cache the basic directories i.e. js, data and styles folders). So these fetched images will be cached by my CDN because they're located in /data/MetaMirrorCache.

But when it comes to attachments, do these attachments cached by CDN as well?

I looked into /data/attachments folder, all I can see is "smaller" version of the attachments (looks more like thumbnails). I can't find the original sized attachments, I wonder if the original sized attachments are also cached by CDN? Also, where do these original attachments went to?

Hope to hear some inputs, thank you! :)


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Hey Jake, thanks for clarifying the path. Is it possible and it is advisable to cache internal_data directory?