Moving from a very customized Snitz to xenForo.

Hi all,

I have a very customized (by me, in the last 15 years) Snitz forum and I think it's time to change to a more robust system. A few customizations would be very important, so I would like to know if xenForo could provide this features natively (I didn't find them in the demo), or if there is already an addon that have these funcionalities.

1. Mirror subforum threads in parent forum, ie, the query that reads forum threads need to select also the subforum threads.

2. Disallow commom users to edit a post (thread or reply) after it is replied.

3. Allow a thread author to lock/unlock a topic in a specific forum.

4. Allow a thread author to edit only his thread starting post (bypassing item 2 on this list) in a specific forum.

5. Allow a thread author to moderate (allow or not visualization) of replies in a specific forum.

6. Specific tags/fields the author need to fill to post a thread in a specific forum, searchable by other users.

7. Hide posts from other users view if conditions are met. The author still see the post and will not know the others can't see it.

PS. Sorry about my poor english. I'm from Brazil and my native language is portuguese... :p


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Most of those would require add-ons or custom development.

Furthermore, there is no importer for Snitz so you would need to investigate the import route.
Hi Brogan,

Thanks for your fast reply. I'm not concerned about the importer, as I'm doing it by myself.

As you said "most", is there any above feature provided my standard xenForo? If so, which one?

If anyone knows the addons that would provide the above features I would really like appreciate to receive any recomendations.