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Brian Woody

Hi, I currently have Wordpress as the home of my site (https://streamauthority.com), and am using Xenword to integrate it with my Xenforo forum (http://streamauthority.com/forums/). However, I've recently decided to drop Wordpress completely and just put my entire site on Xenforo (so my main Xenforo url would just be streamauthority.com).

I'm hoping someone can give me some tips on the best way to do this. I have all of my content saved and backed up, so I'm mostly just concerned about the steps I need to take in cPanel (I'm not a web dev expert, but my hosting company has excellent live chat support).

I'm sorry I can't really ask anything more specific than "please help!", but I don't really know what I should be asking. If you need any further information, I'll be happy to provide what I can. Thanks!

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
It's fairly simple.

All you need to do is delete (or archive to another directory) everything from the root of your web server at the moment except the 'forums' directory and then move the contents of the 'forums' directory to root. Then update the board URL in Admin CP > Options > Basic Board Information.

That should be it.

Mr Lucky

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But don't forget that if you recreate any of your important Wordpress pages on xenforo, to redirect, especially if there are any external links to those pages.

Brian Woody

Gotcha, thanks. So I went ahead and just did a total wipe of everything to start from scratch (after saving my content). So if I want my forum to just be streamauthority.com (not /community or /forum), would I just upload the files into my public_html folder?