Moving DB from WP to Xenforo


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I would like to purchase a license, but I have a question
Is it possible to transfer the database from WordPress (works on bbpress plugin) to Xenforo?
Ie I need to move all users with passwords (and personal information in their account) and all topics ...
Is it possible and how?
Thank you
There is no built in importer for WP and I'm not aware of a third party add-on available.

You can check if it's possible to import into something like phpBB, MyBB, etc. first and then import into XF.
@Alex1 - As Brogan has stated, you can also import it from vBulletin if you have a license for that.

I'm sure Jake can help you out with this as well.

I plan to buy a license for XenForo, but do not want to buy another license for vBulletin only for the transfer ...

Hello @Alex1, you can import into MyBB first. Then import MyBB into XenForo.

Looks like MyBB supports bbPress 2.5:

Am I understand right that this is a free solution?
You should know though that your passwords will not carry over. The solution is to either create an addon which sends all users a password reset email after import OR just put a big link which says reset your password.
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