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I currently have Xenforo in its own directory within WP on one site and want to move it to another site. I am merging one site into another and want to move Xenforo into another WP. Should I do a fresh install on new site and export the data bases? Link to tutorials thanks
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“Update config.php file with the new database details as required.”

This part I’m confused about :(

That's probably the easiest part of the entire deal.
It simply means that if you have created a new database for the site you will need to make sure that the

$config['db']['host'] = 'localhost';
$config['db']['port'] = '3306';
$config['db']['username'] = 'your database user name here';
$config['db']['password'] = 'your database password here';
$config['db']['dbname'] = 'your database name here';
fields are all correct to access the database you have set up for use.
The file is located at /src/config.php off the base directory that XF is installed in.
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