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XF 1.4 Moving content to another install


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Hi all so i have two forums, one that i want to pull data from (running 1.3.5) and the new fresh install (running 1.4.0), both on separate domains.

What i want to pull into the new one is all users, posts, and forums but that's it i dont want to pull anything else like data from old adons etc Oh i suppose i would need user groups as well i guess?

Any help on how to do this and what i need to pull would be great


XenForo moderator
Staff member
The XenForo importer won't import data related to add-ons.

Why don't you just duplicate the existing installation, uninstall any add-ons you don't want, then upgrade it to 1.4?


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Hi ok so i have duplicated the content to a new install changed the url in board information but when i go to the new url it just shows a blank page have i missed something?
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