XF 2.0 Modifying config.php to accommodate another instance of XF2 on same domain


I need to accommodate one more XenForo installation on the same domain. Therefore, is this the exact syntax that I would add to my config.php file on the additional install or does this go on the Main install and the additional install too ?

$config['cookie']['path'] = '/';

...and should ['path'] be a directory.

I already have my main XF2 running on yoursite.com/myforums (with a redirect in my server) (yoursite.com redirects to yoursite.com/myforums/)

I just want to install one more instance of XF2 for instance: add-on experimentation, styles experimentation, general learning about templates, etc. without tampering with my main installation.

My new install will be example: yoursite.com/xf211/

I am getting cookie errors with the additional install is reason for mod.


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According to the manual, I would set $config['cookie']['path'] = '/'; to $config['cookie']['path'] = '/xf211/'; as that's the only area of the website that the cookies need to be available to.

I'd also go further and set $config['cookie']['prefix'] to something like $config['cookie']['prefix'] = 'xf211_';.

Since it's in a subfolder and not subdomain, you don't need to tool with the domain settings, I don't believe.



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Thank you frm. I appreciate the detailed explanations.
Also, it slipped my mind, but you would need to put your forum in /dev/ or /dev-xf211/ even per licensing terms, unless it changed again.
Actually, going forward, we now require the actual URL where XF will be installed to be listed against the license.

If it's currently in a test phase, you can enter that URL and update it later once it is moved.

Regarding permanent test sites, you would need to have something like "test", "staging", "dev" in the URL and it be on the same domain (either a sub domain or directory).