Movie Recommendations??


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I'm looking for some good movies to watch. They can be new or old it does not matter. But they have to be made in English as thats the only language I speak. :)

If you make a recommendation, can you please post a youtube trailer with it :)

Thankssssssssssss !!


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Anything with Clint Eastwood, anything with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover and anything with Julia Roberts, especially Erin Brockovich.


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If you enjoy a funny comedy - Goin' the Distance.
If you like action - Knight and Day or The Town ....I also recommend Salt - based on the comic book of the same name.
Now, if you want a movie with a mix of comedy and something a lil' sad - Karate Kid's it. That is a remake of the original The Karate Kid.

Two movies I want to watch are Hunt to Kill and The Stranger - both are Steve Austin films. His debut movie condemned was just freakin' awesome.


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Recent Pics I have enjoyed...

Salt - (not bad, not brilliant, but quite watchable 6.5/10 )
Inception - (Good, you have to follow it closely though 7/10)
The Social Network - (Excellent - very "talky" so if you like action pics you won't like this at all 9/10)

Fred Sherman

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If it doesn't have to be new... Saving Private Ryan
When the movie comes to the cemetery scene at the very end, all I could think about were the men I had served with and the ones we lost. As the credits finished, I was alone with my wife in a dark empty theater, still in tears.
Could you ever live up to that debt? Fifty years later, viewing their graves, he turns to his wife pleading, “Tell me I'm a good man!” In other words, “Tell me I didn't waste those men's lives! Tell me I lived up to them! Tell me I didn't waste away my life bought with their blood!”
Even writing these words, I still well up. I think they're thoughts that ever one of us who have been in combat and lived through it feel just below the surface every day, not a conscious thought, but ever present all the same.


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Thanks for the recommendations I promise I'll try and watch all of them before the next week is over. I have some free time on my hands and I plan on getting some movies time in.



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+1 for The Social Network and i think you will like this one :p
+1 here too.

The movie taught me some business moves I should make or not make. And then in the middle of it all, I keep saying to myself "I've been on the right path, then!"

Some moves in the movie; I've already made.


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Recently seen this and liked it.

Biggest fail: The Tourist, totally boring and I'm still regretting that I spent money on it. Well, my fault, I'd been warned :)


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Tomorrow when the war began:

Watched this the other day and it was pretty good. Two more sequels to come - following the books. :)