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XF 1.5 Moved Domain, Now Attachments Do Not Display

Dan Allen

Active member
We moved our forum from legacy-systems.biz to legacy-systems.biz.

In other words, we moved legacy-systems.biz from a server in New York City to a server in Austin, Texas.

Everything is great, except new attachments, added since the move. Attachments from before the move are perfect.

Instead of getting an embedded image, like this:

We get links like this

View attachment upload_2016-1-15_15-3-20.png

I am thinking it has to be a permissions issue.

Any information to help solve this problem would be really appreciated..



XenForo developer
Staff member
When you attach an image, do you see a thumbnail? If not, I'm guessing your new server may not have GD enabled within PHP.

Dan Allen

Active member
Mike, that was the problem. I was confused by the php info, because it had a listing for the author of the GD module, but it was not installed. I just did apt-get install php5-gd then restarted apache2 and that fixed it.

Thank you very much.