Implemented Most Downloaded - Count a download only once


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I took a look at the most downloaded resources, and ASR Portal is the currently most downloaded mod which seems odd as it wasn't widely used before it was renamed.

I then checked by downloading a resource ( which had zero downloads, and downloaded it twice, so it is obvious it is tracking each download, and not ignoring people who re-download the resource.

This will be abused if it isn't made to track unique downloads.


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I notice that too...I've downloaded 6 times my addon, just to test if all my download would be tracked, and yes. It is.

Just a note, I've sent to Brogan a suggestion like that and the reply was:

"We are already aware of this and had considered some form of tracking.". So I think they are already working on this to make it better.


Well, as a small suggestions it would be maybe better to count downloads in ressources from the same User just once to get a real statistic?!
Right now every download is counted


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This is coming. It keeps track of what versions you've downloaded, but the counters (global and version-specific) are really the unique downloaders count (except if guests can download, as we don't track them).
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