More traditional login/registration page?


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I'm wondering if it'd be possible to have more of a traditional login/registration page? Currently I've been running Xenforo for our school forum and we have about 30-40 new students every semester. And most of them got really confused trying to register at our forum.

In later semester, I started sitting down with the students to help them register. From what I see, even if they already chose "No, create an account now", they would still try to click on the password field and got all nervous (and scared) when that field is not click-able. (mostly young adults in their 20's)

What I really hope for is an option to turn off that radio button all together. Let the username/password field be used for log in, have a separate link to registration page, traditional style.

If I have time I'd love to jump down to template editing. But I'm hoping there would already be a way to do this (or some mod to change the log in to a more..., well, vb like style) please let me know :(
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