XF 2.2 Testing APIs for my app, login/registration


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I found the registration api in the api endpoints itself but I see like 100 fields in the registration. But the main issue right now is I couldn't able to execute any of the apis successfully as I am getting the below api error for each api.

"errors": [
"code": "api_key_not_found",
"message": "API key provided in request was not found.",
"params": []

Someone know how i can fix it?
This is a simple way to test the API.

Create a super user key.
Open a shell session.
Enter this command: curl --header "XF-Api-Key: <key>" --request GET "<url>/api/users/1/"

Replace <key> and <url> as required.
I have a more difficult issue, I suspect, which is to switch from a third-party API add-on, [bd] API for XenForo from Xfrocks, which is, apparently, no longer boom supported or updated, to the built-in XF API.

I am using the API to provide for a login to the RSS feed for the premium version of our radio shows, in an area accessible by members in special user groups (those who subscribed to our upgrades).

So when someone adds our special URL manually to a podcast app, such as Podcasts and Downcast for iOS, they receive a login screen where they enter their member name and password.

The RSS feed identified within the script loads.

The original version of the script was set up several years ago by a former developer for our site before XF had API support.

I'm using the latest XF. Unfortunately, that API doesn't seem to function in PHP 8.1.

Can I get some guidance in setting up the XF API to work with this script as it is or appropriately modified?

I don't feel comfortable posting in public, but will do so in a private conversation with someone who can help. I'm hoping it won't be a huge issue to make it work.
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