Not a bug  More Options Button Disrupts File Uploading.


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This may not be a bug but... When uploading files, hitting the "More Options" button kills the upload process, thus files selected for upload aren't uploaded. Would be an idea when uploading files to disable other buttons on the editor until upload has been successfully complete. "More Options" button could quite easily mean, image quality, sizes, restrict access to, etc. So members are most likely to click it when uploading to see what the additional options are. The button would be more suited as "Advanced Editor". And maybe make a note when members are uploading files to display a warning that clicking other buttons around the editor area may result in losing the uploaded file.


I don't think this is a bug. You are on page 1 - you are performing actions on page 1 , moving to page 2, by clicking on more options, or on what is new, or by closing the tab .. stops those actions from page 1.

More options == go to a new page, with advanced editor.


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Yep, I know it's not a bug, but it should really be stated while in the uploading a file state that clicking the more options button will stop the process(It's obvious that closing the window, or navigating to another page will kill the upload process). As most of the site is loaded seamlessly via ajax, users may click the button thinking a new popup window will load where you're able to change different aspects(dimensions, etc) of the file you're uploading.

I guess this is more suited towards a suggestion than anything.


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Sorry double post, how about displaying a popup window when navigating away from the page when uploading a file is displayed "Navigating away from this page will stop the upload process, do you wish to continue?" and then display a yes/no option. I've accidently clicked away from a page on numerous occasions when uploading a large file.


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I agree with Floris, uploads will abort when you change pages. I don't think much can be done about that, as it works the same way as navigating away from a web page that is still downloading. However, any files that have completed uploading before you selected More Options will be be kept, :)