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Currently Xenforo has only 2 url setting:
  1. a specific version of friendly urls
  2. a version of friendly urls that lists 'threads' and omits thread titles.
  3. with 1.2 it will be possible to change routes. i.e. rename part of the url.
But often its not possible to change urls in such away that you can keep your old urls.

For example:
My websites have their forums in the /forum/ directory. With xenforo friendly urls this will automatically become:
while I need it to have:

Browsing through the questions forums shows that this is something more people need.

Please add functionality to omit or include elements into the url structure.
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Sorry about that. I always search before suggesting, but I am not sure why I repeatedly cant find suggestions that you say are there.
I have used the search engine to find any thread that has 'url' or 'url*' in the title. The only suggestion that has similarity that I could find was:
Short thread URLs This suggests to have bit.ly type shortened urls.
Access user profile using only username in url This suggests specific profile urls. domain.com/username

There is this, but that is implemented: More logical url structure

I also searched xenforo.com with Google and found a mass of threads in the Questions & Support and the presale forum about this topic, but none in any suggestions forum. I have reviewed the first 15 pages (150 results) of Google results. No similar suggestion comes up. There clearly is a lot of demand for this functionality. Are you sure there is a similar suggestion thread somewhere?

If I could find any suggestions that are somewhat similar then I could add my input to those threads.
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