Add-on Advanced url options


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Currently Xenforo has only 2 URL setting:
  1. a specific version of friendly url's
  2. a version of friendly urls that lists 'threads' and omits thread titles.
  3. with 1.2 it will be possible to change routes. i.e. rename a specific part of the url.
But often its not possible to change urls in such away that you can keep your old urls.

For example:
My websites have their forums in the /forum/ directory. With xenforo friendly urls this will automatically become:
while I need it to have:

What is needed is basically the functionality to omit or include elements into the url structure.

Browsing through the questions forums shows that this is something more people need.
A request also often encountered in the suggestion forums is top have a simple profile url:

or having short alias urls:

An addon that would provide all these settings would be very welcome.