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XenForo 2.3 will add client-side image processing.

What does this mean?
If XenForo is set up to only accept images with a maximum dimensions or to automatically convert uploaded images to WebP the client (browser) will resize the image and convert it to WebP before it is sent to the server.
In many cases this is beneficial for the user as well as the forum owner (faster upload, lass bandwidth, less resources required on the servers).

But it also has a drawback:
Due to this client side processing not all EXIF data will be captured as the JavaScript that does this on the client only supports a subset of all fields.

So in cases where it is desired / required to have all EXIF data on the server Xenforo 2.3 will not behave like previous versions (which did provide all data as data extraction is done on the server).

I therfore suggest do add options to control client side image processing.

Ideally, this should be as granular as possible, for example enable client side processing for attachments in posts but disable it for gallery uploads (or maybe even just disable for uploads by a specific usergroup in a specific category).

At least there should be a global "Turn Off"-switch so XenForo 2.3+ continues to behave like previous versions.

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